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Other notable mods are Bug Fixes, Actor Limit Fix, and SSE Fixes, all by meh321. Havok Fix by rezy also deserves mention.. The Choice Is Yours (By kryptopyr) 10 Stay At The System Page.

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The Choice is Yours Endorsements 21,848 Unique DLs 496,791 Total DLs 1,634,846 Total views 1,307,901 Version 2.7 Download: Manual 8 items Last updated 14 June 2023 5:36AM Original upload 12 November 2016 8:31PM Created by kryptopyr Uploaded by kryptopyr Virus scan Safe to use Tags for this mod Gameplay Lore-Friendly Fair and balanced English Quests

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At Your Own Pace is a mod that allows you to do the base games major quest lines at your own pace so to speak. It was originally made for the main story quest line, but has optional mods for the Thieves Guild, The College of Winterhold and The Bards College. Unfortunately there is none for the Dark Brotherhood or Companions.

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Your Choices Matter - A Dark Brotherhood Expansion SSE. Compared to The Witcher 3, this mod allows for your choices to actually matter, a serious way in which Skyrim falls short. This one is centered around the Dark Brotherhood questline, but the ending that you get will be different depending on the choices that you make throughout.

The Choice Is Yours YouTube

The Choice is Yours: Third party compatibility patch available ( SSE ). Without it, load Wintersun above The Choice Is Yours; this will give The Choice Is Yours priority and allow it to work, but you will lose a few quest related temptations and may need to find their shrines instead. USSEP/USLEEP: Compatible.

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ALTERED QUESTS. This is a list of all the quests that are altered by The Choice is Yours and the way in which they have been changed. To avoid unwanted spoilers, I've hidden the description of the changes. If a quest isn't included in the list below, then this mod does not affect it. F ACTION Q UESTS.

The Choice is YOURS YouTube

SkyrimSE:The Choice is Yours - Step Mods | Change The Game The Choice is Yours by kryptopyr Game: SkyrimSE Download: Nexus Mod Group: 14-Gameplay-Quests Baseline: n/a Links: Forum CR Patch: Yes LW Patch: No PP Patch: No ENB Option: No Guide/Version-Specific Mod Recommendations 2.0.0 2.1.0 2.2.0 2.3

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Compatibility patch for The Choice is Yours and Book Covers. Requirements . Nexus requirements. Mod name Notes; Book Covers Skyrim: The Choice is Yours: Permissions and credits . Credits and distribution permission. Other user's assets All the assets in this file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder's resources;

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Eve can be used alone, or as a compliment with other economy mods (Trade & Barter, Trade Routes, Economy Overhaul and Speech Improvements). If you want a tougher economy without the changing prices (just higher prices), place Eve near the bottom of your load order and set Chance to 0. If you prefer another mod's adjustment of initial prices.

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Skyrim SE The Choice is Yours SE - Arguably the most important mod here. The. Choice. Is. Yours. Ignore the ramblings and demands of people attempting to pile on another task for you to complete, simply tell them to piss off. This mod does so much more than that. Download it.

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This mod will stop random greetings, comments, and rumors from triggering quests, as well as having forced encounters with NPCs automatically trigger the start of a quest. Now those quests won't be activated unless YOU decide to pursue them. In addition, there are times when you are given a choice to refuse a quest, but the quest will.

The Choice Is Yours

Lovely! And regarding the bit about "Incompatible with most other Thieves Guild mods", I'm assuming this doesn't affect mods which alter the layout of the TG HQ/Ragged Flagon?

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Similar to the Timing Is Everything mod, The Choice Is Yours is another add-on that allows players to have greater control and flexibility over quests. This mod focuses primarily on how particular quests are activated, as opposed to when they're triggered.

The Choice Is Yours YouTube

A new page would probably increase the visibility of the mod, particularly since this change might appeal to some people who wouldn't otherwise use The Choice Is Yours. On the other hand, it's nice having all TCIY files on a single page (there should be a preliminary Dragonborn file soon too), and it bolsters the existing mod to have it listed.

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. . . Ok so I already did ages ago the Dark Brotherhood questline. I already know all the story. While searching for new mods for my current adventure I found "Your Choices Matter - A Dark Brotherhood Expansion SSE" but I still fail to understand what this alternate ending is.

The Choice is YOURS

In 1991, Dres, a member of the hip-hop duo Black Sheep, rose to prominence when their song "The Choice Is Yours" became a mainstream hit, but the fame didn't.

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